Ethan Alexander Nuñez

"I make the things and do the arts."

Hey, welcome to my website. This is meant for listing works and projects I've made. Feel free to look around as you please.

I am an 21 year old Dominican-American multimedia artist, born and raised in New York. I have dabbled in multiple mediums, such as (but not limited to):

Art, music, writing, photography, animation, game development, video making/directing.

But I mainly specialize in art; more specifically illustration.

There are numerous projects that you can follow me to keep up to date on! Currently in the works is a webcomic by the name of Morgana le Fay, which is being worked on by a team of very talented individuals! We cannot wait to show you what we have planned for the comic.

Hopefully those who are on this site look forward to what I will create now and in the future, as I have a lot in store to show.


Hey! I just released a new album, the Newgrounds Baby EP! If you like energetic, drum-and-bass music that'll get you feeling like it's 2007, check it out below: