Ethan's Site.

Hey, welcome to my website. This is mostly meant to list projects I've done and such, but feel free to look around as you please.

If you need to know who I am, well, here's a shortened version of my story:

I am an 19 year old Dominican-American multimedia artist, born and raised in New York. I have dabbled in multiple mediums, such as (but not limited to):

Art, music, writing, photography, animation, game development, video making/directing.

But I mainly specialize in art; more specifically illustration.

Though many of my projects I have previously worked on are no longer available due to me being unsatisfied with how they've come out, I am still working on many projects, such as BLIND dreams and my music projects like DKYSY.

Hopefully those who are on this site look forward to what I will create now and in the future, as I have a lot in store to show.