BEDROOM ONLINE, the final release under Gold Currents III. Released on May 25th of 2019 on the label DATALOG. This album had been in development for almost a year or two, and was probably the hardest album I've ever worked on. Despite this, it is my favorite album of the four in terms of music.

If I can find the samples for this album, I will post a collection of it on here.

Some fun facts on BEDROOM ONLINE:

-BEDROOM ONLINE was actually meant to be an album for the start of a label, named the same thing. This idea was later scrapped, as I realized that I cannot handle running a label in the slightest.

-Almost 40% of the album was done in the matter of about 2 weeks. The specific tracks done during this timeframe were: Start-Up, We All See Pictures (M. III), Hands Repeat Around My Spine, Sudden Movements, iroHelloWorld, and Lost'n Memoraveliah.

-The cover for BEDROOM ONLINE is the original logo for the label named after it.